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Ocean Sky Travel & Tourism specialises in assisting those looking for work in Dubai in addition to organizing trips and holidays abroad. We provide a comprehensive service which includes booking transportation for both individual and group travel packages, and for those who intend to start a business venture in the UAE, especially in Dubai, we offer professional support and assistance in completing all the necessary paperwork to start a business abroad. Ocean Sky has two offices - one based in Bologna which can support foreign clients who intend to start a business in Italy, and our "twin" in Dubai, providing on-site assistance to Italian tourists. We are also intending to organise various events for 'Expo 2020' to be held in Dubai.

Work & Tourism

Exclusive destinations in Bologna
Ocean Sky gives you access to a wide range of the most exclusive destinations worldwide, and acts as a partner for the organization of holidays, vacations and business transfers abroad. In addition to organizing more traditional trips abroad, we are dedicated to providing specialist professional business advice, and can assist with the processing of all the necessary paperwork needed to startup commercial companies and import/export operations in Saudi Arabia, Dubai and beyond.

The Dubai Office

Close collaboration with our "sister" agency in Dubai ensures that our consultancy services are professional, seamless and accurate. We have a network of contacts that ensures travellers all the support they need, even after the arrival in the UAE, and this cooperation allows for faster processing and a more effective resolution of any issues involved with starting up business activities abroad. 
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Business Support

If you're a tourist on holiday or want to start a business in Dubai, we can provide complete and thorough assistance. Among our specialist services is the ability to change a tourist visa into a work visa and complete all the bureaucratic documentation necessary to initiate business projects. Ocean Sky Dubai performs the same function as the Bologna office - assisting clients in every phase of their business plans, and achieving their goal of starting up a commercial enterprise.
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