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Ocean Sky is a travel agency in Bologna with a difference. We can assist you to organize your holiday from booking group or individual tickets and tour packages, to booking charter flights and accommodation. Whether you want to travel by air, rail, sea or road, we can help. Alongside these traditional services, we offer much more: We're a business consultancy that specialises in helping those who wish to setup commercial activities and/or look for work abroad, especially in Dubai. We can organize fact-finding trips, source cost efficient travel packages, and help arrange all the necessary paperwork for travel abroad, from tourist visas to work permits as well as giving advice on commercial and administrative practices.

Business Advice

Ocean Sky was originally established as a business consultancy specialising in assisting import/export companies, startups and individuals wishing to do business in Saudi Arabia and Dubai. Over time, we expanded our services and became highly proficient in all the administration necessary to transfer business activities to this region. 

We can now provide a complete business advisory service to assist those seeking employment or wishing to begin commercial activities abroad. This includes the processing of visas for the purposes of both tourism and business, helping with licensing and financing issues, opening bank accounts, purchasing dedicated office or commercial space and more.

Travel Organization

Ocean Sky mainly organises trips in Asia and the Middle East as well as other destinations such as South America, Central America, USA, Europe and Turkey. Whatever the destination, it is important to get the best possible plans in place at the best price, and that's what we do best. We have developed close relationships with transport companies such as Flixbus and Trenitalia, and can offer travelers great rates on all bookings.

We will explore every available possibility to ensure that your package is 'tailor-made' for your specific needs using both national and international air, rail, road and sea companies, and in addition, we can also organise cruises, package tours and full package holidays.

Packages & Promotions

Ocean Sky runs various special offers and promotional packages throughout the year. If you wish to keep up to date and take advantage of one of these offers, you can follow us on social media channels and make sure to keep checking back to our website regularly. 

Among our current promotions, is a special tourist package for those who follow the Islamic faith: 10 days in Saudi Arabia for the Umrah, or "lesser pilgrimage " and of course, at the appropriate time, we can arrange a trip for the Hajj, the traditional annual pilgrimage of Muslims to Mecca. 
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