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Dubai Visa support services in Italy

Providing professional business consultancy is the bedrock of our Bologna office's services. Ocean Sky gives assistance to those seeking to obtain visas for both work and pleasure in Dubai and Saudi Arabia, and can help clients to secure all the documentation related to starting a business in these destinations, from visas and licences, and even funding.

Starting a business abroad

Opening a business abroad requires an in-depth appreciation of the bureaucratic processes involved, and inside knowledge that's hard to come by. It can be difficult to know where to start and how to obtain the necessary documents, and that's where Ocean Sky comes in. We specialise in all executing all the necessary procedures when starting business activities abroad.

We work closely with ta number of partners, and assist people who want to pursue import/export activities or any other kind of business. We also offer consultations to those setting up e-commerce and online shops, with staff who are specialists in website creation and managing e-commerce.

Compliance paperwork

If you're looking to open a business in Saudi Arabia, for example, you must be aware of the precise rules and conditions necessary to obtain the documentation you will need. You must  have all the appropriate visas and permits, open a bank account, and make sure to get commercial property which is suitable for your proposed business activity. 

Our Bologna office is able to assist clients to organise everything in advance and put you in touch with our Dubai branch for local advice upon arrival. Assistance is available in Italian, English and Arabic to facilitate better understanding and sharing of information.
Dubai licenses and fundings in Bologna

Licenses & Funding

Ocean Sky's range of services are tailored to suit each individual client's requirements. In addition to providing business consulting, we can arrange the necessary documents, visas and licenses for the transfer of your business and its launch in Dubai. We'll provide support for your project through a targeted consultation with possible financial assistance aimed at 'start-ups' involved in any kind of business.

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